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Out-of-House Solutions

Red Card gives organizations flexibility and control when
athletes fuel away from internal facilities.
Allows athletes to eat at participating on- and off-campus restaurants.
Works with contactless and secure mobile payments. VISA debit card coming soon for even more flexibility where athletes can eat.
Captures receipts of each transaction, keeping your athletes compliant and providing dietitians analytics on food choices.
Provides a variety of training table meals, snacks, and per diem meals when your facilities are closed.
Meals & Snacks
Relieve the most common pain points for your dietitians and ops people via our Catering Ordering platform.
Build a customized menu from our easy-to-use dashboard.
Set an order deadline and send the order to the RedCard app on your athletes’ phones.
Collect individual orders and quickly see who ordered and who did not before the deadline. Fulfill missing orders with past orders or favorite orders.

In-House Solutions

Red Card offers organizations efficient, customizable
programs for athletes fueling in-house.
In-House Ordering
Let your athletes and staff order ahead from your internal facilities via our In-House Ordering platform.
Make your snack and dining facilities more efficient by allowing athletes to order meals, smoothies, and snacks from their phone.
Allow your athletes to order their training table meal as a grab and go, avoiding crowded buffet lines.
Send orders to the dashboard, or an order receiver in the kitchen to print a POS ticket.
Establish allergy and portion recommendations for each user profile, which the kitchen sees on every order.
Fueling Stations
Control inventory and costs, and track where and what your athletes consume via our Fueling Station Tracking platform.
Control costs and see where your inventory is used.
Track attendance at training table and other team meals via our Check-In platform.
See who did/not attend a team meal and get reporting for totals by the hour.
“Red Card allows us to provide a meal or snack to our players from various restaurants without having to bring in caterers, waste food/money, or time. This app provides them with dynamic food options and allows them to eat on their own time instead of the time that we allot for them.” — D-1 DFO on must have apps.



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21,000+ Weekly Transactions

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We work with a large client list of both college and professional organizations.

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